Image Registration for Multi-exposure High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition
Anna Tomaszewska Radosław Mantiuk,
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

HDR image created by fusing the misaligned photographs (left), by hdrgen software (middle, the inset depicts misalignment artifacts), and based on our image registration technique (right).


We present a fully automatic method for eliminating misalignments between a sequence of hand-held photographs taken at different exposures. The key component of the technique is the SIFT method that is employed to search for key-points (or feature-points) in consecutive images. The key-points are used to find matrices, that transform a set of images to a single coordinate system and eliminate any global misalignments (including general planar homography). We employ this technique to capture high dynamic range images from a set of photographs taken at different exposures, where misalignments can cause blurring and artifacts, and prevent achieving high quality HDR images. The proposed alignment technique works well for over- and under-exposed images and is not sensitive to an image content. We present our implementation of the technique and the results of tests made for variety of photographs.

Publications (pre-prints):
Tomaszewska, A., Mantiuk, R.: Image Registration for Multi-exposure High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition. Proc. of WSCG'07, pdf bibtex