Gaze-dependent Ambient Occlusion
Radosław Mantiuk, Sebastian Janus
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

Image rendered with the gaze-dependent ambient occlusion (the white X indicates the centre of ROI). Ambient occlusion shadows are visible very well under the dragon, while there is only a slight shadow on the wall behind the dragon.


In this work we present the gaze-dependent ambient occlu-sion technique in which information about the human viewing direction is used to vary accuracy of ambient occlusion computation. The screen region surrounding the observer’s gaze position is rendered with maximum precision, decreasing gradually towards the parafoveal regions. The rendering speed-up is achieved by reducing the number of sampling rays with increasing distance to a gaze point captured by the eye tracker. We conduct experimental evaluation of the perceptual visibility of the ambient occlusion shadows outside observer’s region-of-interest. We also present our GPU-based implementation of the gaze-dependent ambient occlusion system.

Publications (pre-prints):
Mantiuk R., Janus S.: "Gaze-dependent Ambient Occlusion", Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Proc. of ISVC 2012), pdf, bibtex